Roccio City is the capital city of The Kaldi Country.


Roccio City was founded in 1794. An illustration of the founding was done by a tall brown grass guy and a mysterious black guy. However, this illustration is disputed. See it on the bottom of the article. The city's old town is a popular Tourist Need-to-See Thing. Tuppy Tukoyo and Kulche de Noche are the champion racers of The Grand Roccio Cup.

Roccio City is Best Known for its population of Roccio-Kaldis. It was founded by Abrochonel von Krafi (Krafi's great great great great EXTREMELY great grandfather). Also, the BingoBingo Fishing Contest was done since 1987. This is however every 12th day of the month. Once, this happened on Friday the 13th? July 2012 however. See accident below.

The Republic of Kaldiland's capital is Roccio City. Anyway people have been thrown mysteriously into the Legendary Mentioned in folklore Fakoyo Bridge. The tale follows:

Down in The woods, a mysterious gigantic Kaldi Monster however, was seen out of nowhere. This monster has 8 horns, 3 mouths, 1 eye, 65 feet, and 2 faces.

However this story has been connected mysteriously Unknown that is The Bridges Edge. The story was disputed until 2006. Now this story has been through millions of films depicting Kaldis. However that the monster had a mysterious symbol with an owl in a triangle with the inscription Kaldi Galore however the symbol was seen in dozens of illustrations of the founding of the city. Millions of Kaldis can speak their Language, Kaldinese. This language includes like Compotro (Computer) and Ico (Ice). The city is Divided into 12 neighborhoods and 35 districts.

Districts of The Capital City of Roccio City

  1. Ikolofano de Roccio
  2. Sampalocino
  3. Kaldiniño
  4. Ikolofano
  5. Locoroco
  6. Nocheno
  7. Ikolofano II
  8. Ikolofano III
  9. Ikolofano VI
  10. Ikolofano V
  11. Ikolofano VI
  12. Tóndo
  13. Malate
  14. Kawit
  15. Quézon
  16. Pakoyo
  17. Blimito
  18. Vaticano
  19. España
  20. Kulche
  21. Pekoni
  22. Dose por Jose
  23. Elche
  24. Grande Niño
  25. Ikchi
  26. Afrinino
  27. Dandansoy
  28. Guadalupe
  29. Grande I
  30. Grande II
  31. Grande III
  32. Capitál
  33. Sevilla
  34. Málaga
  35. Poblacion de Roccio-Kaldi

Former Districts

  1. Malate I and II - these districts Divided Malate into North and South. It almost occupied all the grande districts. (1278)
  2. Ikolofano - occupied all of the current Ikolofano Districts. (1922)
  3. Sevilla-Malaga - occupied all of those Districts of Sevilla and Málaga. (2010)

Roccio Cathedral

La Basilica de Nuestra Senora Virgen de Santissimo Rosario, Gracia, y Esperanza y Santos Domingo y Santiago is a Basilica in Roccio City. It patrons Nuestra Senora de Santissimo Rosario y Gracia-Esperanza, Santo Domingo and Santiago. The Basilica owns a precious Altar called the Altar of Great Honor & Grace and owns a very big 80-ton bell called the Bell of Mighty God.


1870 1978 1987 1999 2012 2014-Present
208 1000 2000 3000 23 million 90 million

Grand Roccio Cup

The Grand Cup is Annual. Every 10 years, they display books that relate to the racers.

The most known player of the cup is Kulche de Noche Saspino y Valenciano.

The highlight is that the winner of the Grand Finale completes The Final Cup.

The awarding is burst by millions of fireworks in the sky. The crowd plays and sings the National Anthem.