The gameplay of LocoKarts

LocoKarts Is a racing game based on the 'LocoRoco' series for PSP and PS3. Although the game bares no resemblance to the previous game with tilting an jumping, it includes all characters from the first 4 games (not all as playable characters, though). Plus 6 unseen characters.

Playable Characters

Underline - Characters unlocked through the course of the game.

Returning Characters

  • Kulche
  • Viole
  • Budzi
  • Pekeroné
  • Chavez
  • Priffy
  • Tupley
  • MuiMui
  • BuiBui
  • Moja
  • MuiMui King
  • Bonmucho
  • NyoNyokki
  • Chuppa
  • Unphook
  • Mooskoos
  • Gamumuht
  • Domingo
  • Majoliné
  • Galanmar

New Characters

  • Shichi (a new orange LocoRoco who lives in CaloCaro)
  • Chocola (a new brown LocoRoco who lives in Jaojab)
  • Cocoanuta (a new LocoRoco)
  • Tamamaru (a new LocoRoco)
  • Cohana (a new indigo LocoRoco who lives in Yamboona Tree)
  • BuiBui King (an evil version of the MuiMui King)
  • Pakoyo (secret character)

Race Tracks

The 20 race tracks are organised in cups.

Pickory Cup

Franzea Garden

Perculoka Park

Shamplin Cross

Domingo Land

Cheranka Cup

Nyokki Land

MuiMui House

Tropuca Paradise

Water Village

Koona Cup

Moonlight Valley

Nightmare Tower

Planet Moja

Sunrise Monolith

Togeh Cup

BuiBui Fort

Midnight Carnival

Jungle Run

Watery Ruins

GiGi Cup

Domingo Mama

Yamboona Treetops

Kelapton Skyline

Moja Muck

Rainbow Cup*

CaloCaro Crossing

Chapo-Wahr Road

Haunted Pathway

Planet Glo

(Finish 1st on Rainbow Cup to see the credits)


Powerups included are regular LocoRoco objects and creatures in the other games:

Thorn/Triple Thorn

Place on track for competitors to hit.

GiGi/Triple GiGi

Shoot it and it will lock on and hit the first kart it sees.

Konah/Triple Konah

Temporary Speed Boost.

Mini Galanmar

Flys to 1st place and throws bombs.

Moja Muck

Slows down all players at once.


Makes all players jitter about.


Gives a player a forcefield for a short time.

Lightning Strike

Immobilises all players for a short time.


Slows down players that was behind the player using this powerup.

Sercet Powerups

(Kulche) Nyokki Assist

Kulche jumps from his kart as nyokiis pop up underneth ready to jump on one-by-one passing other players.

(Viole) Mushroom Shield

Viole uses Kelpton mushrooms to defend her from other players' powerups.

(Budzi) Black Confusion

Copies of Budzi will roam on the other player's screen when ramed.

(Pekerone) Tropuca Tsunami

The player in the lead gets washed up by a tsunami thanks to Pekeroné.

(Chavez) Freeze Touch

Other players Chavez rams into gets frozen solid. Brrrr!

(Priffy) Floral Wind

Other players in front of Priffy get blown by the floral wind.

(Tupley) Midnight Meteor

Star-shaped meteorites fall form the sky to attack other players.

(Shichi) Lion Rider

Shichi's kart turns into a lion and players get hit by it when ramed behind.

(Chocola) Vine Tangle

Other players Chocola rams into get tangled into the vines. Ouch!

(Cocoanuta) Urban Shield

Dustbin-like shields defend Cocoanuta from other players' powerups.

(Tamamaru) Tidal Grind

Tamamaru's kart jumps on a wave causing him to ram into other players and hitting them.

(Cohana) Yamboona Hearts

When the other player holds a powerup, Cohana rams into the other player to steal the powerup. Could only steal 2.

(MuiMui) Constrution Time

Other players MuiMui rams into could slow down.

(Buibui) Bomb Voyage

Buibui will throw bombs from behind.

(Moja) Moja Muck Bomb

Other players who are behind Moja gets blasted by the muck bomb.

(MuiMui King) MuiMui Prowler

MuiMui King get's assisted for speed by some MuiMui.

(BuiBui King) BuiBui Prowler

Similar to MuiMui Prowler, But mean.

(Bonmucho) Mutation

Bonmucho mutates to his moja forme, attacking other players.

(NyoNyokki) Calve Rollcall

NyoNyokki buries themselves to the ground. Everytime they're underneath the other player, the other player gets knocked out.

(Chuppa) Nut Knockback

Chuppa will fire nuts at other players.

(Unphook) Shapeshift Vacum

Unphook sucks up the other players, turning their wheels square when spat out.

(Mooskoos) Mad Muncher

Mooskoos attack the other players with his jaws.

(Gamumuht) Voice Wave

Other players in front of Gamumuht gets slowed down.

(Domingo) Flippin' Freeze

All the other player get frozen solid. Brrr!

(Majoliné) Moja Melody

Majoliné starts to sing and other players She rams into gets slowed down.

(Galanmar) Living Moja Muck Bomb

Similar to Moja Muck Bomb, But dangerous.

(Pakoyo) Glogo Army

All other players get attacked by the Glogo army.


  • This game is inspired by the Mario Kart series.